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How It Works

It’s so easy!

First, find a house or houses from our website that you like and want to view.

Then get in touch with Mike by email at info@bluedoorofyork.com or text, phone or What’s App on 07809 471389 to arrange a time to see the house. It’s best if all your group view the house at the same time to minimise disruption to our existing tenants.

We do not charge any fees whatsoever for finding or holding a property for you. However if you drop out after signing the contract, you will have to pay admin costs to sign a replacement tenant.

If you love the house - and we think you will - together you all sign a joint Tenancy Agreement. Our tenancies normally run for 12 months from July. We like to send you copies of the agreement in advance so you can read it before you sign.

Once you’ve signed, pay us a £400 deposit each which is held during your tenancy by the Government approved Deposit Protection Service. This is returned to you at the end of your tenancy so long as the house is in the same condition as when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

Then in July just move in and enjoy the house! It’s as easy as that! We sort all the admin with gas, electricity, water, fast broadband and TV licence so you don’t have to.

*Important legal stuff.

Your rent is paid quarterly in advance – your first payment is due in July and the rest coincide with your Student loan payments in October, January and April.

You all sign a standard shorthold Tenancy Agreement. This is a legally binding document which guarantees you the house.

You all need to be sure that you want to live together before signing. You are signing “jointly and severally“ which means you are signing for the house as a group and not as individuals. You are all responsible for ensuring all the conditions of the contract are met.

If any of you do not want to live in the house after signing the contract, you are all responsible for finding replacement tenants to take your place who are acceptable to the rest of your group and your landlord.

Latest News: All of our houses have now rented for 2023/24. We no longer have any houses available.