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Useful Info

Council Tax

Provided that you and all the adults living in the house are full time students, you will NOT have to pay council tax. However, each student has to apply to the City of York council for an exemption, or you will be billed. See www.york.gov.uk/advice/council_tax


Use the postcode checker at www.york.gov.uk/DoItOnline/Pages/NeighbourhoodServices/RefusePostcodeLookup.aspx to find out what bins should be put out when.

Each house has individual instructions on the wall about bin day. The golden rule is put your rubbish out in time for the collection! No later than 7am on the day of collection, no earlier than 7pm the day before. Make sure your bin lid shuts or the bin men can refuse to take an overloaded bin.


www.yorkstudenthealth.org.uk has information on student health issues.


Live as efficiently as possible. All our houses are insulated and have modern gas central heating systems. Use the windows and heating to keep the house dry, well ventilated and warm.

See this website for tips: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk


Don't make your house look like an obvious student house, packed with laptops and gadgets. Hide valuable items from view, lock up your bike, put a socket timer on lights, lock doors when you go out! Often people assume someone is in the house, and leave the doors open. Don't!

Latest News: All of our houses for the 2019-2020 academic year have now rented. Thanks for your interest!